About Vrumona

Vrumona is a Dutch soft drinks manufacturer, distributor and sales organization. Vrumona has a very wide range of products consisting of the company’s own brands and soft drinks produced under license.


About thirty small soft drinks manufacturers laid the foundation some 55 years ago from which Vrumona's current organisation arose. These soft-drinks manufacturers started a partnership under the name of K.A.D. In 1953 a partnership was started between K.A.D. and the Heineken and Amstel breweries. The name then changed to Vrumona. In 1968 Vrumona became a subsidiary of Heineken after the take-over of all its shares.

Vrumona today

  • A commercial (demand) organisation known for the marketing and selling of premium brands internationally.
  • A production and distribution (supply) organisation that can handle the production and logistics processing (storage and transport) of a wide range of products.
  • Employees who are very service-oriented and cost-conscious.

Own Brands: Royal Club, Royal Club Juices, Crystal Clear, Climax, Sourcy and Joy.
License Brands: Pepsi, 7Up, Gatorade and Rivella


Vrumona's mission is twofold and reads as follows:

I. Vrumona wants to offer consumers a choice of top-quality beverage brands for every moment of the day. This means:

  • A varied supply of beverages,
  • of a constant quality,
  • for every possible consumption moment
  • geared to the changing wishes of consumers

II. Vrumona wants to be a reliable, service-oriented and innovative organisation, where the consumer plays a central role, obviously in accordance with Heineken global standards.

The customer is at the centre of Vrumona's thoughts and actions. This finds expression in a varied supply of top-quality beverage brands. In order to be able to offer consumers their choice of beverages we need to have a good relationship with the trade, and we have to be able to show the trade that we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We do this through the service we provide and through continuous product development.

Benefits of Vrumona

  • A wide portfolio
  • Multi-language packaging
  • One-stop shopping at short notice
  • Successful domestic brands and International brands
  • Nen-En-Iso certificated by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance

Product portfolio

Vrumona owns a number of brands and also produces several brands under licence.


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